87th Entry
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It was about the 16th September 1957 that I left home to 'join up'.
I arrived at Paddington station, boarded the train looking for an empty compartment and ponder if I was doing the right thing. There were no empty compartments, but I entered one that had just one occupant. There was a guy about my age  looking as I was feeling - anxious- so I went in, started chatting and found we were both on our way to Locking to sign the next twelve years away. That guy was John Gilbert, and we spent the next few years together at various camps, and I eventually became best man at his wedding some years later. 

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Pass Out Certificate shows date we signed on and passed out

My aim is to make this a meeting point for the 87th to contact old mates, (and we are getting older now) and to put people in touch with each other.

If you have not been there already then visit the  RAF Locking Apprentice Association website at http://www.raflaa.org.uk/ 


Reunion Information

We finally held the 87th reunion on 19th May 2010 at The Webbington Hotel & Country Club, near Weston-Super-Mare. This was organised by 'Charlie' Trussler and 'Tiny' Khüle, and myself. Please note that the DVD that was showing plus all old and new photo's is now available. This reunion was for anyone that started with, or passed out with the 87th.

Also a plea to all the guys I have been in contact with in the past, please update me with contact information, many email addresses have been changed.

At the reunion we had 68 guests plus partners that attended the 2010 reunion.